It's the deep conviction, the commitment to the doctrine of evolution in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that betrays the pantheistic religion behind that doctrine. This overwhelming evidence is abundantly available at the links below.

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A Modern Day Parable

Pantheism in Science

Answers in Genesis

Objectivity in science is difficult. Peer pressure and the pressure to publish can lead to wrong conclusions, especially in relation to origins.

An Insiders View of Science

Creation Ministries International

Just as with forensic science in a court case, all evidence about the past has to be interpreted. Unbiblical presuppositions are behind common interpretations of the evidence about origins.

Pantheism in Science Summary

Institute for Creation Research

Pantheists deny a supernatural Creator and believe rather that progressive creation is inherent in nature. Evolutionary views based on that belief are "science so-called," as they have nothing to do with repeatable observations and experiments in the present.